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Traditions, folklore, history and more. If it's Irish, it's here. Or will be!

"People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors."
-Edmund Burke

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How to have the Irish wedding of your dreams

Resource Listing

In the first edition of The traditional Irish Wedding book, I included 14 pages of resources. While I thought it would be convenient, it proved to be a major problem. The listing became out-dated almost as soon as the book was published.

As the interest in Irish and Celtic wedding celebrations continues to flourish, there are now many new resources available, and most of them are here on the internet. Also, more and more people are now connected to the World Wide Web. So, I have created this special Traditional Irish Wedding Page.

What follows are the names of companies, organizations, retailers and people I found in the course of my research which may be of interest to engaged couples. I also chose to list only those resources that have a toll-free number unless they offer a unique service or product. As you look through the listing you’ll see Creative Irish Gifts mentioned often. They are a very special resource because they were founded to financially support the Irish Children’s Fund (ICF). Also, the quality of the products they offer is excellent and their prices are very reasonable. Have fun browsing and shopping!

Most Irish Gift Catalogs & Shops offer a traditional Irish wedding or make-up bell.
Invitations by Dawn: Stocks miniature bells for guests to ring as the bridal couple exits the church or in lieu of clinking glasses at the reception. Tel: (800) 257-9567.
Kipp Brothers: Stocks miniature bells made of brass. Tel: (800) 428-1153.

Creative Irish Gifts: Grow your own fresh shamrocks! Usually available in the spring catalog. Tel: (800) 843-4538

Dufour Editions: Tel: (800) 869-5677.
Irish Books & Media: Tel: (800) 229-3505.

SiobhanWear: Tel: (800) 522-2917).

Saymel’s Bridal Salon: NYC, NY. Tel: (718) 728-2260.

Brontë Bridal Designs: Dublin, Ireland. Tel: 353-1-671-0155.
Celtia Wedding Gowns: Scotland. Tel: 01 896-76-4493.
Kathy De Stafford: Dublin. Ireland. Tel: 353 1 679-8817

Miriam Richards Fabrics: Dublin, Ireland. Tel: 353 1 836-7937.

Bridal Creations: Tel: (860) 747-2035
Colleen Collections: Co. Galway, Ireland. Tel: 353 9 075-5468
Paris Hats & Veils: Tel: (513) 948-8888.

Country Calligrapher:Tel: (440)729-8332
Veda Joseph.:Tel: (802) 463-1954

The most efficient way to browse for specific items mentioned throughout the book is to order the following catalogs as soon as you set the date. From Claddagh rings to the Magic Wedding Hanky, you should be able to find what you are looking for. You are also likely to find many additional products not mentioned here that would be appropriate for an Irish wedding celebration and, God willing, your happily-married life together!
Arts & Artifact: Tel: (800) 231-6766.
Blarney Gifts: Tel: (800) 252-7639.
Cashs of Ireland : Tel: (800) 223-8100.
Creative Irish Gifts: Tel: (800) 843-4538.
Gaelsong:Tel: (800) 205-5790.
Irish Wedding Catalog: (212) 371-3600.
Museum Replicas Limited: (800) 883.8838.
Past Times : Tel: (800) 621-6020.
Scottish Lion Import Shops Irish Edition: Tel: (800) 355-7268.
Shannon Gifts: Tel: (800) 223-6716.
Signals: Tel: (800) 669-9696.
Spirit of Ireland: Tel: (800) 486-4183.
What On Earth: Tel: (800) 945-2552.

Irish Books & Media: Tel: (800) 229-3505.

JoAnn Buck: Tel: (513) 871-0083.
Mart Walsh-Kenny:Tel: (513) 683-9705.
Carrickmacross Lace: Irish Embroidered Net Lace and Limerick Lace by Nellie Ó’Cléirich. Dufour Editions. Tel: (800) 869-5677.
Mountmellick Work, Irish White Embroidery by Jane Houston Almqvist Dufour Editions. Tel: (800) 869-5677.
The Irish Dancer’s Catalogue: Tel: (301) 460-0129.

Celtic Cultures:Tel: (802) 463-1954.

Crafty Fox Artworks: Jan Wyman is reputedly an excellent silversmith who does both historic reproductions as well as contemporary pieces. Tel: (603) 642-8584.

Invitations by Dawn: Tel: (800) 332-3296.
Kipp Brothers: Tel: (800) 832-5477.
The Precious Collection: Tel: (800) 537-5222.

Historical Research Centre:Tel: (513) 868-6396.

After-dinner Mint Chocolates: Hand-made in Ireland. Creative Irish Gifts. Tel: (800)843-4538.
Bells of Ireland Flower Seeds: Tel: (605) 665-1930
Favor Boxes: Bags & Bows. Beautiful ribbons, tissue papers, seals and tiny boxes that are the perfect size for favors! Tel: (800) 225-8155
Fawn Confectionery: Large variety of Irish motif candies. Tel: (513) 351-4191.
Hercules Candies: Claddagh- embossed and assorted other chocolates. Tel: (800) 924-4339.
Swan candy holder and miniature wedding rings: Invitations by Dawn. Tel: (800) 228-4795.

Celtic & Heraldic Jewellery: Dublin, Ireland. Tel: 353 1 677-7045 or 677-7113.

Cruise Co. of Greenwich: Tel: (800) 825-0826.
Le Boat Inc.: Tel: (800) 992-0291.
Free Irish Vacation Kit: (800) Shamrock. Extension 135 (This is distributed by Bord Fáilte, the Tourist Board for the Republic of Ireland).
Hidden Ireland: Tel: (800) 688-0299.
Isle Inn Tours: Tel: (800) 237-9376. (703) 683-4800.
Killary Tours: Co. Galway, Ireland. Tel: 353 0 954-2302
Mandalay: A beautiful B&B in Co. Galway. This is the romantic place I mention in the honeymoon chapter. It’s owned and operated by the Darby’s, a delightful couple from Rhode Island. To make a reservation, see your travel agent or call 035 0 9 152-4177/152-9952.
Northern Ireland Tourist Board:Tel: (212) 686-6250.
Oideas Gael: Irish Language and Culture Center. For free brochure, write to Oideas Gael, Gleann Cholm Cille, Co. Donegal, Ireland or call 353 73-30248.
Town & Country Homes Association: For directory, write to Mr. Sean Grogan, St. Patricks, Corebeg, Doora, Ennis. C. Clare, Ireland or ask your travel agent.
Weddings On The Move:Tel: (800) 444-6967.

Authentic Irish Wedding Stationery:
Historical Irish Wedding Stationery: Co. Clare, Ireland. Tel: 353 65 905-2100.
Lantz Stationery Ltd.: Co. Dublin Ireland.Tel: 353 1 453 1311.
Celtic Borders: 55 copyright-free forms by Mallory Pearce. Irish Books & Media. Tel: (800) 229-3505.
Celtic Lettering: Seven complete alphabets, ready to use, copyright free, by Mallory Pearce. Irish Books & Media. Tel: (800) 229-3505.
Claddagh design:The Precious Collection. Tel: (800) 537-5222.

Listowel Celtic Art: Tel: (412) 341-5826.

To locate embroiderers and Celtic dressmakers, or perhaps to invite a group to dance at your reception look under Dance Instruction in the Yellow Pages. Most large, North American cities have at least one school and many have several. None listed in your area? Call Allison Weber Erickson TCRG, at (513) 232-1366. Allison teaches both adults and children and is a registered Irish dance instructor. That’s what the letters after her name signify. This also means that she is listed in a world-wide directory of registered teachers and, if there’s an instructor near you, she will be able to give you their phone number. You can also write her at: The Erickson Academy of Irish Dance, 6448, Sherman Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45230.

Just a sampling of the many festivals that take place every year throughout North America. If you live near one of them, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get close to your Irish roots and browse for jewelry, gifts, foods, music, books and more!
Cincinnati Celtic Music & Cultural Festival:Tel: (513) 533-4822.
Cleveland’s Irish Cultural Festival: Tel: (216) 251-1711.
Dublin Irish Festival: Dublin, Ohio. Tel: (614) 410-4545.
Fox Valley Irish Fest: Chicago, Illinois. Tel: (800) 788-7429.
Irish Fest, Indiana: Tel: (317) 927-7524.
Irish Festival: Richmond, Virginia. Tel: (804) 750-1346.
Louisville Irish Festival: Tel: (812) 944-3509.
Milwaukee Irish Fest: Tel: (414) 476-3378.
New Orleans Irish Festival: Tel: (504) 529-1317.
Taste of Ireland: Chicago, Illinois. Tel: (773) 282-7035.

Irish Breakfast:
Dairygold: specializes in Shannon/Traditional Galtee Irish breakfasts. Tell: (800) 386-7577.
Irish Cheeses, Oak-Smoked Salmon and other foods imported from Ireland:
Creative Irish Gifts: Tel: (800) 843-4538
Dean & DeLuca: Tel: (800) 221-7714.
Infood: Tel: (201) 569-3175.
Irish Dairy Board at (708) 256-8289.
Irish Food Distributors: Tel: (800) 366-3773.
Zingeman’s: Tel: (313) 769-1625.
Specialty Foods, from Blarney Tea to Irish Country Relish:
Bewley Irish Imports: Tel: (610) 696-2682.
For more information on Irish foods available in North America, call the Irish Food Board at (212) 207-1920.

There are literally hundreds of Irish gift shops throughout the United States and Canada. To locate a merchant near you, call Enterprise Ireland. Tel: (212) 371-3600.

A great source for ads on everything from jewelry to car rentals in Ireland! These are the ones with which I am most familiar or subscribe to. There are many others.
Ireland of the Welcomes:Tel: (800) 876-6336.
Irish America: Tel: (800) 341-1522.
Irish American Post: Tel: (414) 283-8132.
Irish American News: Tel: (708) 445-0700.
Irish Voice: Tel: (800) 341-1522.

Public Radio Music Source: If it’s in print, (both music and videos), they’ll find it for you! This is where we found the Gaelic Blessing from the CD, Gloria by John Rudder, St Patrick’s Mass by Philip Green, The Mass of St. Francis of Assisi by Philip Green, Celtic Hymns, and The Contemplative Celt. They no longer accept enquiries or orders by telephone, but are on the internet at

IRISH MASSES (Sheet music)
Oregon Catholic Press can provide the sheet music and a sampling tape of The Celtic Mass by Christopher Walker. Tel: (800) 548-8749.

Bunratty Wine & Spirits: Camelot Importing. Tel: (800) 422-6356. Ask for Nancy Larkin Rau - she’s very friendly as well as helpful.

IRISH MUSIC (Recorded)
NARADA MEDIA: Tel: (800) 966-3699. To preview up to three recordings, call (900) 370-4500.
Rego Irish Records & Tapes: Tel: (800) 854-3746.

Rego Records stocks The Wedding Song Book which contains the music and lyrics to The Irish Wedding Song as well several other songs often played at Irish weddings. Tel: (800) 854-3746.

Croagh Patrick: Made of satin and available in white, ivory and pale pink. Tel: (215) 533-3443.

Most Irish Gift Shops:The five-penny piece we bought is from a company called ‘The Bridget’s of Erin,’ and comes in a tiny satin and embroidered keepsake pouch.

Everson Typography - every Ogham thing on the web.
Ogham alphabet:
New Age Canada: Ogham divining sticks with alphabet key. Tel: (905) 271-0967

St. Patrick Post Office: Mr. Michael Lewis, Postmaster. Tel: (660) 754-6511.

Maria Curran: Dublin. Tel: 353 1 851-1141.
Tara Fay: Dublin. Tel: 353 1 667-5858.
Helen Russell: Dublin. Tel: 353 1 820-9198.
Anne Lanier Weddings New York Tel: 1 800 599-1350
County Clare Tel: 353 87 743-0466

St. Patrick’s Irish National Church: Contact: Fr. Michael Brennock. OSA.
(From USA)011 39 06 42031201
(From Europe)00 39 06 42031201
Fax: 06 42031236
It is best to call between 11:30 pm and 1:30 pm EST or 4:30pm to 7:30pm GMT.

Simply Weddings: We hope you’ll find not only fresh, inviting and informative but a fun place to be to organise your wedding in Ireland with reputable Irish suppliers. Colette O'Loughlin- Editor
Anne Lanier Weddings:
From finding the perfect location in Ireland to incorporating traditional Irish customs and traditions, they can take care of every detail or provide you with the tools to do it yourself.
Killary Tours: They can arrange a total package, including ceremony, lodging for you and your guests, and your honeymoon. Killary Lodge, Co. Galway, Ireland. Tel: 353 0 95 42302.
Weddings On The Move: They specialize in planning and coordinating all of the details that go into getting married overseas.Tel: (800) 444-6967.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While very effort has been made to check the accuracy of names, addresses and phone numbers, information may change. Also, specific catalog items mentioned may no longer be available. My apologies if this should occur and cause you any disappointment or inconvenience.


Fri, Jul 10, 2015

Back in Print!
The Traditional Irish Wedding

In this expanded, revised, and updated version, the author has added sections on Getting Married in Ireland and ideas for a vow renewal "with the sound and feel of Ireland." This edition also includes the origins of Irish Coffee; the truth about Aran Isle Sweaters and information about kilts. Available from many Irish and Celtic gifts shops or Amazon.

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