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"People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors."
-Edmund Burke

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Book Review: Everything Irish
by Bridget Haggerty

A few weeks back, one of our subscribers mentioned that the grandchildren were coming for the summer and wouldn't it be nice to have some different activities on offer for their entertainment. We went looking...

Everything Irish is a delightful book created for the 4 to 8 year old age group - although siblings could be of great help here with their younger brothers and sisters!

In the span of about 80 pages, the author does a great job of introducing young readers to Ireland's culture and customs. It begins with the very basics - learning about Ireland's geography and climate. Then, chapter by chapter, we are taken on a wonderful exploration of our country's history and heritage. We learn about thatched cottages and how they are made. From there, it's on to that unique Irish fishing vessel, the Currach. And then, to keep the young reader going, the author introduces the first of a famous Irish legend - The Children of Lir.

There's enough in this book to entertain the kids all summer long - an interesting variety of crafts including how to write their names "in the Celtic way" and making their own little replica of St. Brendan's boat. The author also gives the reader the story of St. Brendan, the Navigator.

Add to this emblems of Ireland, including the harp, the shamrock, the flag and then songs to sing and even a quiz to test their knowledge at the end, it's our opinion that Everything Irish is a must have this summer for every mum, da, nana and whatever the Irish call grandpa!

If you'd like to have this book on hand, just click here: Everything Irish


Wed, Mar 22, 2017

The Galway Hooker

This unique vessel, with its distinctive curved lines and bright red sails, originated in the village of Claddagh. During the 19th century, hookers supported a significant fishing industry and also carried goods, livestock and fuel. Seán Rainey is remembered for building the last of the original boats, the Truelight, for Martin Oliver who was to become the last king of the Claddagh; as king, he was entitled to white sails on his boat. Since the mid seventies, many of the old sailing craft which were on the verge of extinction have been lovingly restored and new ones have been built. During the summer months they can be seen at festivals such a Cruinniú na mBád - the Gathering of the Boats - in Kinvara.

Click for More Culture Corner.

Visit 30 of Ireland's most beautiful gardens. Includes a stunning collection of 200 full-color photos.
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March 4, 2011
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